Help us reimagine education.

Want a job that challenges you and encourages you to share your full perspective, passion, and experience on a daily basis? Look no further – we’re right here. Together, we can rebuild education.

We believe in the possibilities of change.

As educators, we know that local teachers are agents of change. We fight the frustrations and cynicism that come from confronting the brokenness of the current education system, and we empower communities to drive change through education.

We know the power of partnership.

Educators know what their students and communities need, and we provide the tailored, community-specific support they deserve. We strive for consistency and clarity, without the rigidity that prevents innovation, strong relationships, and examination of blindspots. These principles of partnership ring true both externally with our partners and internally with our staff, as we adapt and innovate to support our colleagues across the country.

We value diversity and strive to be inclusive in our work.

We cannot work toward a different public education system without creating a work environment in which our colleagues can share their full selves and perspectives. We prioritize a variety of perspectives and a deep sense of belonging. 

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