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Catherine Hunt of Northport School District in Washington is a Gradient Learning School Leader of the Year after entering as an outsider and quickly becoming an integral part of the community.

Rebuilding Education Together

Founded and led by educators,
Gradient Learning is a nonprofit organization that brings communities, schools, and families together in pursuit of meeting the needs of every student.

What we do


We assess the existing education infrastructure and address deep-rooted inequities that prevent students from reaching their full potential.

Our community


Partnering in education

We partner with schools and district leaders, providing them with the resources, coaching, and support they need to make their vision for education a reality.

Our solutions


It’s more important than ever before to really get to know our students one-to-one.

Tammy Stephens


Bear Lake High School
Montpelier, Idaho

It feels way better in class knowing that you have a relationship [with your teacher] and they know a lot about you.

Jaiden M.


Thompson Intermediate School
Houston, Tex.


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Gradient Learning


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