Gradient Learning

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Rebuilding Education Together

Founded and led by educators,
Gradient Learning is a nonprofit organization that brings communities, schools, and families together in pursuit of meeting the needs of every student.

What we do


We assess the existing education infrastructure and address deep-rooted inequities that prevent students from reaching their full potential.

Our community


Partnering in education

We partner with schools and district leaders, providing them with the resources, coaching, and support they need to make their vision for education a reality.

Our solutions


We make sure we’re always working to know the whole student, their needs, their strengths.

Joe Rogers

Instructional Coach

Frankfort High School
Frankfort, Kentucky

The things that you learn in Summit are going to be utilized and used in any way, shape, or form you take after graduation.

Teyvon Fields

Alum of Greater Johnstown High School

Johnstown, Pennsylvania


Because reading, writing, and arithmetic just scratch the surface

Gradient Learning


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