Imagine a world where every child feels confident and optimistic about their future — where communities, schools, and families come together to make every student’s dream a possibility. Let’s bring that vision to life.
Dobie Pride
Seeing Possibilities

Seeing Possibilities

We see an educational system full of opportunities. Rather than stick with the status quo, our team of educators pursue research-based ways for students to gain knowledge and skills. We are guided by the belief that teachers should be supported to meet the needs of all of their students. Together, we empower an underpowered system to work for students of today and tomorrow.

Transforming Learning & Teaching

To create an ideal world of learning, we start by reevaluating the existing infrastructure, addressing deep-rooted inequities, and transforming how students learn and teachers teach. We work closely with our partners to provide captivating solutions to meet the holistic needs of all students.

Rethinking, Reimagining, Rebuilding

Rethinking, Reimagining, Rebuilding

All children should feel welcomed, encouraged, and inspired to share their talents with the world. We will never stop evolving to ensure that happens. We are rethinking, reimagining and rebuilding the learning journey for our students. In partnership with educators and families, we will equip each child with what they need to reach their full potential.

What We Do

Summit Learning by Gradient

Summit Learning

We proudly offer Summit Learning, a research-based approach to education that prepares students for life. Every student receives a comprehensive educational experience through a program that serves as a powerful resource in a teacher’s toolbox. Created by teachers, Summit Learning supports nearly 80,000 students, 4,000 educators, and 400 schools across the U.S.

Along by Gradient


Along is a free, interactive video journal that helps teachers guide students to reflect and grow all year long. Based on the concept of a dialogue journal, Along brings research-informed resources and efficient communication into a meaningful space where every student can feel seen and heard. 

“As a teacher, Summit Learning has allowed me to help every student reach their full potential. As a mom, it has given my daughters the confidence and knowledge that they can succeed at anything.”
Jami McLing, a teacher at Rocky Mountain Middle School in Idaho Falls, ID

Lifelong Learning

We help create a culture where all students are invested in their own learning and understand how lessons apply to life outside the classroom. We believe forming real relationships between students and teachers is essential to provide the learning experience that fits each child’s needs.