Gradient Learning

Best place to work for innovators

For the past three years, Fast Company has honored organizations from around the world that have created cultures of innovation. 

In 2021, this global honor took on even greater significance as employers did what they could to foster creativity amid the workplace disruptions caused by the ongoing global pandemic. 

In all, nearly 900 organizations applied to be one of Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators in 2021. Of that group, 100 were selected — including Gradient Learning, which came in No. 24 on the prestigious list.

“We really focused on how companies are able to use innovation at work as a differentiator to attract talent,” Accenture Chief Technology Officer Paul Daugherty told Fast Company, which partnered with Accenture to select the honorees. 

Gradient Learning, the highest-ranked education company among the top 100, has distinguished itself through innovative ways to support educators so they can meet the needs of all of their students. 

As a nonprofit organization led by educators, Gradient Learning consistently launches new programs and products in its mission to transform education. The organization empowers its employees at all levels to improve processes and invent new ways to achieve positive results.

Among the exciting, creative innovations over the past year was Gradient Learning’s newest offering, Along, a free digital reflection tool that helps teachers make each student feel seen and understood. 

Gradient Learning also found innovative ways to support its partners in the Summit Learning program, which is a research-based approach to education that prepares students for life beyond the classroom. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gradient Learning pivoted its professional development training to a virtual experience. The company also provided resources and customized guidance to meet the needs of nearly 80,000 students, 4,000 educators, and 400 schools in the United States.

“At Gradient Learning, one of our top priorities is the well-being of our employees,” said Andrew Goldin, Executive Director of Gradient Learning. “When employees feel supported, empowered, and able to bring their whole selves to work, we are able to deliver the best possible support and partnership to schools and teachers across the country. This award honors those who work tirelessly day-in and day-out to rebuild education.”

Fast Company said the companies were chosen this year for finding ways to “collaborate and invent despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, and in some cases applied their innovation prowess to the challenges of virtual work.”

Gradient Learning, which prides itself on working efficiently in a remote environment, doesn’t plan to rest on its laurels and will continue to find ways to innovate in all aspects of its work. 

Here is the complete list of Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators in 2021.


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